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Tosenkyo Experience In Kyoto

Tosenkyo is the traditional game in Kyoto that tosses a fan and competes points.
Nowadays people think of it as something for Maiko parties, but originally, in the Edo period, it was a game for both children and adults that spread among the common people.
At the Maisendo Tosenkyo Experience you can try it out after putting on a yukata over your clothes, so it'll look great in photos for social media too!
Have fun playing Tosenkyo while feeling the Kyoto in a Japanese style room.

Tosenkyo in Maisendo Tosenkyo in Maisendo Tosenkyo in Maisendo

【Tosenkyo Experience】Price

What can you experience?


 Wear the Japanese cloth(KIMONO).
 There is no need to remove your cloth.
 It's enough to give you the real Kyoto feeling,
 and get you more in the mood!

Intoroduction of Tosenkyo

 Intoroduction of essential kowledge about
 instruments and history.


 By rehearsing Tosenkyo.
 You learn how to toss the fan and get points.

Play Game

 After dividing into two,Let's play Tosenkyo!!
 It's more exciting than you expect
 when someone gets a high score!

Souvenir Photograph

 The Japanese room, the KIMONO,
 the scenery - they're all photogenic!
 You can take pictures while you're playing,
 so take a lot and make some memories
 of your trip in Kyoto.
 If you upload them on social media,
 is there any way they won't get popular?

【Tosenkyo Experience】Message from Maisendo
We can't speak English well.But you are sure to be deeply satisfied.
This is a private lesson and You don't become same with the person other ones have reserved.

【Tosenkyo Experience】Price

【Tosenkyo Experience】Telephone Reservation

※Please contact us only Japanese.Please ask hotel Concierge or Information staff.

*The capacity per the once is up to 4 people.
*We accept reservation every one hour.
*Please contact us only Japanese.Please ask hotel Concierge or Information staff.
【TEL】075-532-2001 (only Japanese)
Maisendo Kiyomizu Shop
Ninenzakanishi, Yasakadori, Higashiyama-ku, KYOTO
075-532-2001 (only Japanese)
E-mail (only Japanese)
From JR Kyoto Station
take Kyoto city bus#206 or #100 and get off at “KIYOMIZUMICHI(清水道)” bus stop.

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