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Painting on SENSU (Folding fan) In Kyoto

Would you like to experience Folding Fan(Sensu) painting in Kyoto?

京扇子絵付体験(3) 京扇子絵付体験(5)

【English】Painting on SENSU(Folding fan)

What can you experience?

You can draw pictures,letters and anything you want on the Sensu!!Then take it back your home.

You have plain Folding fan (Sensu).
You can draw pictures, letters, and
anything you want on the Sensu.
Finish your painting, keep us a little time,
and tailor to Sensu.
Give you Sensu, and then take it back home.

Shop Infomation

Maisendo is a shop in Kyoto specializing in fans.
As well as folding fans for cooling yourself, they have ones for dancing, for tea ceremonies, for decoration - all kinds of fans.
The oldest fan in the world was found in Kyoto.
Most fans made in Japan are made in Kyoto.
Every year, Maisendo creates new designs for these traditional craft fans,in line with present day fashions.
There are said to be 88 steps in the fan making process, and on the 2nd floor you can try out one of them, "painting".
It has been well recieved by not only our Japanese customers, but also by many of our customers Fans, a piece of Kyoto's culture.
Please don't worry - the fans you will paint on will be "Made in Kyoto".

Gion Shop

  • 祇園店の店舗イメージ①
  • 祇園店の店舗イメージ③
●Open  10:00AM~8:00PM
●Experience Hours  9:00AM~5:00PM
●TEL 075-532-2050 (Japanese only)
●Adress 579, Minamigawa, Gionmachi, Higashiyama-ku, KYOTO

Nishiki Ichiba Shop

  • 錦市場店の店舗イメージ①
  • 錦市場店の店舗イメージ③
●Open  10:00AM~6:00PM
●Experience Hours  9:00AM~4:00PM
●TEL 075-212-5656 (Japanese only)
●Adress Nishi-iru, Gokomachi, Nishikikoji-dori,Nakagyo-ku, KYOTO

Kiyomizu Shop

  • きよみず店の店舗イメージ①
  • きよみず店の店舗イメージ③
●Open  9:30AM~4:00PM
●Experience Hours  9:00AM~2:00PM
●TEL 075-532-2001 (Japanese only)
●Adress Nishi-iru, Ninenzaka, Yasaka-dori, Higashiyama-ku, KYOTO

【Sensu Painting】How to Reservation

【Sensu Painting】Reservation

*Please contact us only Japanese.Please ask hotel Concierge or Information staff.

【Sensu Painting】English Leaflet Download

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